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The most influential Toronto politics Tweeters of 2014

The most influential Toronto politics Tweeters of 2014

Published October 26, 2014

As Torontonians prepare to head to the polls to elect a new mayor and city council, analysis from Vox Pop Labs reveals the patterns of influence among those who Tweet about Toronto politics.

Elections are thought to be fought on two fronts, conventionally dubbed the air war — the campaign that takes place via television and radio — and the ground war — the campaign that takes place via party workers going door-to-door in local constituencies. Social media is an emergent third front, a hybrid of broad- and narrowcasting that is at once global and local.

The implications of this new front are the subject of much speculation, but social scientists are only beginning to approach the degree of empirical rigour necessary to develop robust theories about the role and influence of social media in election campaigns.

Vox Pop Labs is a leader in the analysis of Big Data on public opinion and continues to release innovative research on the influence of social media. The organisation conducted a year-long analysis of Twitter activity based on the use of #TOpoli, the most widely used hashtag in Toronto politics.

“We visualised these data to reveal the structure of the Toronto political Twitterverse. The visualisation is based on a network algorithm that places users closer to those whom they retweet,” said Gregory Eady, senior data scientist for Vox Pop Labs.

The result is a fascinating glimpse into how Toronto politics has played out on Twitter over the course of 2014.

Toronto 2014 Twitter influence map

Click on the image to view in high resolution (File size: 21.4 MB). The 2014 Toronto Political Twittersphere by Vox Pop Labs is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

The municipal effect

The Toronto Twitter visualisation differs notably from similar analyses conducted by Vox Pop Labs during the 2014 Ontario and 2013 Quebec provincial election campaigns, where divisions among different groups was more pronounced.

“Notwithstanding certain suggestions to the contrary, there are still distinct ideological divisions at the level of municipal politics,” said Clifton van der Linden, founder and director of Vox Pop Labs. “But these distinctions do not map onto the discourse as neatly as they do at provincial or federal levels of government. It would seem there is more dialogue between people with divergent views on politics at the municipal level than at other levels.”

“Also, the fact that one of the most re-Tweeted users in #TOpoli is a satirical account suggests that tracing influence via Twitter in municipal politics is not as indicative of substantive influence as at other levels of government. Certainly we see some very influential people in Toronto politics underrepresented by their Twitter presence on this map.”

Top 101 Toronto politics Tweeters

The following list identified the top 101 Toronto politics Tweeters on the basis of the number of re-Tweets they received in the last year using the hashtag #TOpoli.

1. Don Peat (@reporterdonpeat)
2. Mayor Crime Lord (@TOMayorFrod)
3. TorontoStar (@TorontoStar)
4. ARLENE NIELSEN (@ArleneCNielsen)
5. Andrew Tumilty (@AndrewTumilty)
6. SharkDancing (@SharkDancing)
7. Olivia Chow (@oliviachow)
8. Daniel (@DanFmTo)
9. NoJetsTO (@NoJetsTO)
10. The Globe and Mail (@globeandmail)
11. CitySlikr (@cityslikr)
12. Jude MacDonald (@judemacdonald)
13. Ian MacIntyre (@MrIanMacIntyre)
14. Toronto Sun (@TheTorontoSun)
15. Elizabeth Church (@lizchurchto)
16. Ari Goldkind (@AriGoldkind)
17. CityNews Toronto (@CityNews)
18. 80s Doug Ford (@80sDougFord)
19. John Furr (@JohnFurrToronto)
20. Marc Coward (@YYZMarc)
21. Norm Wilner (@normwilner)
22. Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren)
23. John Lorinc (@JohnLorinc)
24. Shelley Carroll (@shelleycarroll)
25. BC (@bconnolly00)
26. Alektoberfest (@alekt)
27. Stephen Lautens (@stephenlautens)
28. Ann Hui (@annhui)
29. Elliott Ross (@ElliottRoss6)
30. Cynthia Mulligan (@CityCynthia)
31. Music&Politics Radio (@scmusicpolitics)
32. Adam C-F (@AdamCF)
33. Katie Simpson (@KatieSimpson24)
34. Norm Wilner (@wilnervision)
35. jennifer keesmaat (@jen_keesmaat)
36. 680News Toronto (@680News)
37. Paul Stewart (@PaulStewartII)
38. TheGrumpierHobbit (@AGrumpyHobbit)
39. Brian Perry (@BTP1960)
40. John Tory (@johntoryTO)
41. Kristyn Wong-Tam 黃慧文 (@kristynwongtam)
42. Mayor Rob Ford (@TOMayorFord)
43. Christina (@throwitinmyhat)
44. Andray Domise (@AndrayDomiseTO)
45. Michael Bouck (@VainHostile)
46. CBC Toronto (@CBCToronto)
47. CTV Toronto (@CTVToronto)
48. David Nickle (@DavidNickle)
49. Siobhan Morris (@siomo)
50. Desmond Cole (@DesmondCole)
51. John Tory Campaign (@JohnTO2014)
52. john lancaster (@jlancasterCBC)
53. Kaleigh Rogers (@KaleighRogers)
54. Norm Kelly (@DMayorKelly)
55. Alex Naylor (@_alexnaylor)
56. Charles Johnston (@TO_Chuck)
57. Robert Benzie (@robertbenzie)
58. Soknacki Campaign (@Soknacki2014)
59. Jim Coyle (@coyleWERDZ)
60. PatRiotchick (@PatOndabak)
61. Ev Delen (@evdelen)
62. David Soknacki (@DavidSoknacki)
63. Pete Quily (@pqpolitics)
64. Gord Macey (@GordMacey)
65. Steve Paikin (@spaikin)
66.  evil   ᴰark (@neville_park)
67. Michael Shapcott (@michaelshapcott)
68. Occupy Toronto (@OccupyToronto)
69. Sun News Network (@SunNewsNetwork)
70. T.O. Resident (@TO_Resident)
71. DBECanada (@DBECanada)
72. Stephanie Smyth (@stephaniesmyth)
73. Cameron MacLeod (@c_9)
74. Joe Kool (@Kool_Camel)
75. ThisHourHas22Minutes (@22_Minutes)
76. Lorrie Goldstein (@sunlorrie)
77. Toronto Star GTA (@StarGTANews)
78. Irene Gentle (@IreneGentle)
79. catfish8888 (@catfish8888)
80. Karen Geier (@karengeier)
81. Joe (@jjfantauzzi)
82. Fern Hill (@fernhilldammit)
83. Antonia Zerbisias (@AntoniaZ)
84. heather (@LadySnarksalot)
85. Nadia S (@madhatressTO)
86. Torontoist (@torontoist)
87. Theo Moudakis (@TheoMoudakis)
88. Doug Frod Campaign (@2014MayorFrod)
89. Kevin Wilson (@kvonbling)
90. Christian Fletcher (@Darth_Pingu)
91. Paul Ainslie (@cllrainslie)
92. HïMY SYeD (@HiMYSYeD)
93. GREAT SCOTT! (@ScottScottyp8)
94. Frza (@TheRealFRZA)
95. Bob Rae (@BobRae48)
96. (@RobFordFactsCA)
97. Sol Chrom (@sol_chrom)
98. Joshua Hind (@joshuahind)
99. Johnny B (@MayorJeebus)
100. Jennifer Hollett (@jenniferhollett)
101. Sarah Thomson (@ThomsonTO)

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