Vox Pop Labs releases results from its Toronto Political Sentimeter

Vox Pop Labs releases results from its Toronto Political Sentimeter

Published January 30, 2015

Results from the Toronto Political Sentimeter trace the ideological fault lines of the city

As part of a collaboration with The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper, Vox Pop Labs developed the Toronto Political Sentimeter, an interactive application that situates the user — on the basis of one’s responses to 27 ideological propositions — within a framework of eight archetypes that comprise the contemporary ideological make-up of the city. The archetypes were derived from an analysis of the results of a survey of 3,405 Torontonians designed and fielded by Vox Pop Labs.

More than 50,000 Torontonians used the Sentimeter during its five-week run with the Star, generating intense discussion and insightful data on ideological difference across the city. Below are the results for each of the propositions included in the Sentimeter, aggregated by ward.

Try the Toronto Political Sentimeter for yourself at http://sentimeter.thestar.com.

More results from Sentimeter are available at thestar.com, including:





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