Vox Pop Labs launches Kiwimeter with Television New Zealand’s ONE News Network

Vox Pop Labs launches Kiwimeter with Television New Zealand’s ONE News Network

Published March 3, 2016

What kind of Kiwi are you?

In partnership with Television New Zealand’s ONE News Network, Vox Pop Labs today released Kiwimeter, a civic engagement application intended to catalyse a discussion about national identity in New Zealand.
Try Kiwimeter for yourself at onenewsnow.co.nz/kiwimeter.

4 responses to “Vox Pop Labs launches Kiwimeter with Television New Zealand’s ONE News Network”

  1. KiwiGal says:

    If you are going to ask people to rate something from 1 to 10 you need to define these limits/extremes.
    EG “On a scale of one to ten, with one being (define 1) and ten being (define 10), please indicate your opinion on the following statements:”
    To not define the limits is sloppy data gathering.

  2. Clive McKegg says:

    There were clearly leading questions in there that were pushing towards a particular response. I assume you provide the software and someone local writes the questions? This survey seem to be a slightly veiled propaganda tool around the current NZ flag referendum. If this is indeed “the voice of the people” you shouldn’t let people be putting clearly biased and loaded questions in there.

  3. Andrew Dodds says:

    I had some difficulty answering the question “Do you [agree / disagree] that we rely too much on science and not enough on faith?”
    Firstly, faith per se is a meaningless term without knowing what faith is placed in.
    Secondly, the question implies that science and faith are at opposite ends of a continuum, and are not compatible with each other.
    Thirdly, the question implies that we have a choice on how much we rely on science or faith. We all like to know the facts before making a decision, but many times we rely on what we trust to be the case.
    Almost everywhere scientists are required to seek natural explanations for what we observe around us, rather than logical explanations. Science, as it is arbitrarily defined, must assume that all of reality is material. This is a position of faith. If science was required to seek logical explanations, we would be living in a very different world.
    I suspect the question is a reference to the science verses religion debate. In this debate science is actually “Materialism”, and religion is actually “Theism”. Therefore, the debate would be better described as philosophy verses philosophy, or worldview verses worldview.

  4. təm gəltər says:

    Measuring people’s “national sentiment” is a pretty ugly project at the best of times but it’s baffling why you chose to make quite such an insulting tool for validating backwards thinking and unimaginative blandness.

    Is New Zealand really so dull that people need to answer, several times, whether “rugby” or “the all blacks” are the symbol most suggestive of the country?

    Are European-descended New Zealanders really so racist as to feel good about their “patriotism” if they successfully affirm the right series of statements denying the rights of indigenous New Zealanders?

    What exactly is the point here — to gather attitudes in a self-selecting poll or to tell people how successful they are at being a New Zealander? If the former, what useful data can be gleaned? If the latter, didn’t we all grow out of this sometime around the “What Backstreet Boy Are You” phase of the Internet?

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